Monday, April 20, 2015


I buy the big bag of garlic heads for a measly $3.49 from Costco. It lasts months and months on top of the fridge in the winter but it's getting warmer and I don't want to lose the last 3 heads. Rumor has it that you can freeze the peeled cloves in a ziploc and freeze it. The only thing is I hate peeling garlic.

I saw this trick somewhere on the internet. You break the cloves off the head and place them in a bowl.

Place another bowl over the top of the first, crank up the dance music, and shake, shake, shake. The more you shake the looser the skins become.

Shake it enough and all the skins fall off or... give it to the preschoolers to shake and learn all about the delicious and nutritious biology lesson.

 As a bonus you can turn it into a service project if you have an arthritic family member who didn't want their garlic to go bad.

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